VetusCARE is the exclusive online seller of high-quality Trulife Mastectomy Bras and Insert/Forms, shipped direct from the factory to you! 


You can safely buy-now by ‘clicking‘ on the product description below (pink text)All products include free shipping to your home, and you can also receive a 10% discount when you enter code VC10010 with any purchase over $100.  

Mastectomy Bras & Camisoles




Mastectomy Inserts & Forms



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Will insurance cover my VetusCARE purchase? 

VetusCARE is not authorized to directly take insurance online, however you may still be able to qualify for insurance reimbursement for your purchase. We suggest reaching out to your insurance provider on full details of what they need to go forward with reimbursement. 

How much is covered by reimbursement is dependent on your insurer and the plan that you have with that company. Full reimbursement can depend on what your insurance plan deems a reasonable or customary fee, what your co-payment or coinsurance responsibility may be with your plan, whether the product is subject to your deductible, or if your deductible has been .

To get reimbursed, discuss with your health insurance plan or benefits coordinator to make sure that you have everything they require for reimbursement and what their reimbursement rates look like. You would need to submit the following information for reimbursement: 

  • Prescription from your physician for a mastectomy, pocketed bra, or camisole, as well as how many.
  • Diagnosis code from your physician (should be listed on the prescription).
  • The itemized receipt you receive in the shipping package from VetusCARE. 
  • Reimbursement form required by your insurance provider. 

Some insurance providers may require pre-authorization of products, so be sure to ask if your plan requires it. 

When you have your paperwork is in order, you have checked with your insurance provider make sure you have everything they need, and you have sent everything you need to in, your reimbursement claim may take anywhere from 30 to 120 days to pay (check with your insurance company to see how long they may take for reimbursement). Most companies process claims quicker than others. Any questions you have about your reimbursement claim, contact your insurance company.

Once your claim has been processed and approved, you will receive a check for your reimbursement, usually for reasonable and customary fee amount, that is determined by your insurance provider, minus any co-payment or coinsurance responsibility.


Thank you for selecting VetusCARE quality products, for more information please contact us at: [email protected]